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    企業簡介 About Us Love and food do not fail

    Our compaywas founded in 1983 , adhering to the essence of the electromagnetic ovenmanufacturing technology ,is a company specializing in homeappliances electromagnetic development , production and sales of integratedhigh-tech enterprises. Specializing in the production of electromagnetic ovens,electric pottery, electromagnetic pottery, such as composite  furnace.

    Dexin companiesadhering to the “honest management, credit based, create famous brand, createfirst-class enterprise “ business philosophy, adhere to the “quality of leadingdesign, relentless advance, the customer is always first “business spirit, withtechnology and professional R & D, was awarded the “ Shantou municipalelectric ceramic and electromagnetic heating engineering technology researchcenter”.

    Productsproduced by the company are CCC、CB、EMC、CE、GS andother certification, as well as high-tech products, patent for invention,design patents , utility models patents , industrialproduction equipment permit and other certificates. Completely in accordancewith the requirements of the IS09001 quality management system throughout theentire production process, always strive to achieve zero defect products.

    Products are mainlysold in China’ s domestic and export markets in Southeast Asia, Europe and soon. It also aims to cooperate with major companies in the design anddevelopment of ODM and OEM products. With high quality and strong productionsupport, we are committed to become one of the most professional manufacturersof electromagnetic ovens in china.

     About Us

    Service hotline:800-8308919

    Telephone: 0754-88173088

    E-mail: lmh@stellas.com.cn

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