Fashion Revolution Week 2019 / April 22nd - April 26th

A six-days focus about fast fashion, sustainable brands, recycling and second hand.

I am a fashion designer myself and I know the value of sustainability in this industry. 

May 20th - May 24th 2019

Being a woman in 2019 it still means fighting many battles. Topics of the campaign has been abortion, pink tax, glass ceiling and the #iweigh movement started by Jameela Jamil. As a mother, designer and social media creator I have experienced many situations where I felt judged. I think sharing this kind of experiences may be helpful for other women too. 


Plastic pollution is an issue that involves everyone of us. What are the alternatives to plastic?

How to minimize plastic pollution and how to avoid single use plastic? Being an influencer means also give an example of sustainable choices and conscious decisions.